Playing Man 2 Man


The official home of unintentionally homoerotic phrases said by sports commentators. Follow on Twitter.

Some semi-recent gems:

“Wes Welker came down and rubbed him just enough.” – Cris Collinsworth

“You always gotta be a little bit worried when you come to the backside like that. But it opened up nicely.” – Troy Aikman 

“Ballard is down there trying to find ANY kind of crease.” – Jim Nantz

“It was squirtin’ all over the place.” – Cris Collinsworth

“Blackburn’s hand goes in there, but it disappears into the pile of legs, thighs and all the other stuff.” – Mike Tirico

“He’s gotta be frustrated with what he’s getting on the other end.” – Joe Buck

“There’s the hole. Take it, young man.” – Terry Bradshaw

“EVERYONE looks good on the back end.” – Solomon Wilcots

“This would make Dick Butkus proud.” – John Lynch

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