You Might Remember Me From…

During the summer of 2006, I took the position of associate editor at Alternative Press–one of the most influential, under-appreciated music mags in the world. After two years, I grabbed the role of the company’s first web editor. Working at AP was an overall amazing experience that took me on tours around the continent and put me awkwardly on TV one time. The majority of my best stories aren’t online, but I’ve posted some of the stuff that did make its way onto the web of the whole wide world.

COVER STORIES (not available online)

AP 263 - Circa Survive

AP 260 - 30 Seconds To Mars

AP 242.1 - Anthony Green


Goodbyes Stink (5/20/11)
If You Ain’t First, You’re Last: What Thom Yorke and Beyonce Unintentionally Taught Me (3/18/11)
I’m Not Here, This Isn’t Happening (10/4/10)
You Can’t Do That on Television: Emmy Awards that Weren’t (8/30/10)
What Would Jesus Comment (8/23/10)
The 10 Most Annoying Commercials on TV (8/16/10)
And Now For Something Completely Indifferent (8/9/10)

Exclusive: Emarosa Open Up About Firing Jonny Craig (4/25/11)
Exclusive: Anti-Flag’s Justin Sane Responds to Arizona Shooting (1/14/11)
A Rocket To The Moon Open Up About “The Rainy Day Sessions” (10/1/10)
Exclusive: The Return of Yellowcard (8/2/10)
Chalkboard Confessional: Sierra Kusterbeck of VersaEmerge (12/20/09)
Chalkboard Confessional: Jonny Craig of Emarosa (10/5/09)

Various Artists – Come As You Are: A 20th Anniversary Tribute to Nirvana’s “Nevermind” (10/25/11)
– Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math (5/10/11)
– Rival Schools – Pedals (3/8/11)
Girl Talk – All Day (11/15/10)
– Manchester Orchestra – Mean Everything To Nothing (4/21/09)
– The Life And Times – Tragic Boogie (4/14/09)
– Ours – Mercy (4/25/08)
Thrice – The Alchemy Index Vols. III & IV (4/15/08)
– The Out Circuit – Pierce The Empire With A Sound (2/12/08)
Thrice – The Alchemy Index Vols. I & II (10/16/07)
– UNKLE – War Stories (7/24/07)
– Beastie Boys – The Mix-Up (6/26/07)
– Queens of the Stone Age – Era Vulgaris (6/8/07)
– The Evens – Get Evens (11/6/06)

Hate Is A Strong Word: 10 Reunions That Seemed Impossible (1/10/11)
10 Essential Albums of 2010 (12/13/10)
Children A: The Influence of Radiohead’s “Kid A” 10 Years Later (10/4/10)
AP Fantasy Band Draft (9/27/10)
Rockers Reflect on the Legacy of Kurt Cobain (4/6/10)


NEWSER.COM is a news curator created by Vanity Fair contributing editor and AdWeekMedia editorial director Michael Wolff. While, yes, the stories I wrote are pulled from other sources like Huffington Post and the New York Times, re-writing them into 200-word synopses is a crazy-fun exercise in snark. Here are some of my favorites:
Cops Using Math To Predict Crime (8/20/11)
Jihadist Demands Revenge on David Letterman (8/17/11)
Mercedes Gives Racing Fan Bionic Hand (8/15/11)
So You’re A Piano Virtuoso? Get In Line (8/15/11)
Does Chocolate Build Muscle? (8/3/11)
Kings Of Leon Cancel Remaining US Tour Dates (8/1/11)
The Clash’s “London Calling” Now an Olympics Commercial (8/1/11)
MTV News Explains Internet Fad in 1995 (7/30/11)
Kitler: Kitten Who Looks Like Hitler Can’t Find a Home (7/29/11)
Aging Yankees on Pace for Best Day Game Record (7/27/11)
Frank Darabont Leaves “The Walking Dead” (7/27/11)
Scientists: Time Travel Impossible (7/25/11)
The Weird, Wild World of Walmart (7/10/11)
The Strangest Passengers in NASA History (7/9/11)
Did Darkness Kill Mozart? (7/6/11)
L.A. Sex Conventions Jockey for Position (7/6/11)
Yankees Ticket Prices Soar as Jeter Chases 3,000 (7/6/11)
The Not-So-Sweet Story of Jelly Belly’s Willy Wonka (6/22/11)
Miami Herald Runs Ad Congratulating NBA Champs: The Miami Heat? (6/13/11)
30-Minute Brawl Breaks Out at 30,000 Feet (6/10/11)
Were the Smurfs Nazis? (6/3/11)


Journalism students constantly ask me how much journalists make. But after that, they ask me how I got my start. In late 2001, I took a job writing obituaries for a branch of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, and in my “free” time, I jumped at every feature assignment I could get. After a few years, I built up enough clips to become a real-life reporter in upstate New York, and then an editor at Alternative Press. After five years at AP, I decided to go back to my roots (however, not so far back as to write obituaries). While most of my stories now don’t really have a lot of room for personality, I am proud of some of these guys:

Sports Stars from the ’70s to Take Part in Fundraiser (10/14/11)
Virginia Quake Startles Some Armstrong Residents (8/24/11)
Historical Society to Sponsor Civil War Re-Enactment (8/8/11)
Valley Deaf Children Ready to “Mainstream” (7/24/11)
Inseparable Couple Shares 80 Years of Love, Living, Hard Times (7/17/11)
D-Day Memories Etched in Sunnyview Resident’s Mind (7/3/11)
Frazer Man to Participate in Grueling “Death Race” (6/11/11)
The Life of a School Nurse (4/25/04)
Kids Love the New Toys (11/23/03)
Angels on Call (2/23/03)
Featured in the VND 13 Years Ago, Deer Lakes Senior is Ready to Graduate (6/7/02)

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