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Review: The Davey Mac Sports Program

OUTLIER: The Davey Mac Sports Program

Within the occasionally dry world of sports talk podcasts, there’s a glaring dearth of vulgar song parodies.

That, however, is patently untrue of the Davey Mac Sports Program. Hosted by NYC radio personality Dave McDonald (also known as East Side Dave) and producer Chris “Pepper Hicks” Stanley (both formerly of the Ron And Fez Show), it’s a sports show for sports fans who appreciate shots at Eli Manning just as much as conversations about cunnilingus. All the shouting sounds a little like standard drive-time fare, but musician Roy “Shaffer” Harter lends a freeform feel with stream-of-consciousness organ stingers and impromptu accompaniment each time McDonald breaks into off-color and off-key song (which is often). While you won’t find much in the way of in-depth analysis or inside information, there’s just enough sports to balance out the absurdity, even for the most insular of fans. [TK]

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